Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vance Romane

Well I've once again decided to take on the whole no smoking thing again. This time with help from hypnosis. Penny and I went to Romanes Stop Smoking Seminar last night. The first session of hypnosis was good. i felt heavy as cement. But the second session I couldn't stay focused..too hot, back hurt, ass hurt ect. I did by his self hypnosis cd to help me along. Dean said he might even check out the cd's to.
So wish me luck and only positive thoughts and feedback please.

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Blogger Rae commented at 14/1/07 7:36 AM~  

Good for you!

It's nice that you have a friend to quit with. Good luck!

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 1/2/07 4:49 PM~  

I am routing for you big time! I may sound like the voice of doom but I smoked for 30 years, now have COPD.
I was one who never thought bad things could happen to me. I loved to walk and swim, all sort of activities. Now I can't breathe when attempting these without oxygen. Make it your committment before the doctor says do it or die ok? Wish I could send this message global.
Keep us posted ok?

Blogger jay commented at 4/2/07 6:00 AM~  

hey sarah whats up, I've quit smoking for 4 months now i think, it might have been around helloween when i quit, but it not easy after smoking for 15 years, so hang in there.

I crave hot wings now, as hot as i can get it. Every time i crave a smoke, i just eat hot wings, and the weight is starting to show.

jay paul

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